Events Planning




ISLAND WEDDINGS MALLORCA proposes that you not limit your beautiful memories in Mallorca to your Dream Wedding Day.
We offer you the possibility to extend your magical Wedding by adding exciting & fun activities prior to & / or following your Wedding Day, so as to share more special moments with your family & friends.
With our wealth of resources we can prepare & organize for you some beautiful experiences for you to prolong your Wedding memories such as:

  • A Boat trip around the island, stopping at any number of exquisite Bays to go snorkeling & anchoring at one of the spectacular white sanded beaches to enjoy a delicious Paella at one of the quaint beach restaurants.
  • Paragliding in couples is another unforgettable experience & will give you another vision of Mallorca´s breathtaking Mediterranean sea & coast.
  • A further option is to dine at one of the most famous, emblematic & traditional Mallorquin restaurants where you will enjoy the best Tapas on the island, accompanied by their fabulous local wines placed on the table for you to serve yourselves in the Spanish way.
  • We can arrange for you to continue your party with the best music in a VIP area exclusively reserved for you at one of the most famous Night Clubs in Mallorca.
  • A late lunch/brunch at one of our fabulous Chill Out Beach Clubs where you can relax with a massage at the edge of the sea & a refreshing Sangria at hand, is another idyllic plan.

These are just some of our proposals which will give you the possibility to extend your Magical Wedding Day with some extra special days to share with your loved ones.